how is the company broken down?

At Haja Dance Company we have 3 different companies which include an Elite Company, Intermediate Company, and Pee Wee Company. The Elite Company consists of advanced dancers ages 7-18 years old. The Intermediate Company consists of intermediate dancers ages 11-18 years old. The Pee Wee Company consists of 5-6 year old dancers in training.

How many company members do we accept?

At Haja Dance Co. we typically accept no more than 45 dancers into our company per season. Within each company there is also a limit as to how many dancers are selected. Within our Elite Company we select no more than 30 dancers, within our Intermediate Company we select no more than 8-10 dancers, and within our Pee Wee company we select no more than 5-7 dancers.

how many competitions do we attend per season?

We typically attend 4 regional competitions, 2 conventions, and 1 nationals per year. This does not include optional competitions and conventions that are offered throughout the year.

do we attend a nationals every year?

Yes, we do attend a nationals per year. However, we typically attend local (drivable) nationals.

how many hours of technique do our dancers take each week?

Each dancer is required take 10-15 hours of technique classes per week. Which includes ballet, leaps and jumps, turns, combination classes, stretch and flexibility, and strength and conditioning.